Tyros will be facilitating a 6-week digital storytelling workshop for 35 Secondary 3 students in the northern district from August to September 2014. We will be coaching the young people to present their discoveries about “Managing Our Financial Resources” through creating a digital story.

Every week for two hours, the pupils will be coached to research, interview, write, storyboard, create photos and voiceovers, and use audio and video editing software to create their stories.

The topic which is part of their social studies curriculum seeks to help young people become more aware of themselves and the world around them.

Digital stories for MOE

Four digital stories that Digital Storytelling Asia (now renamed Tyros) created for the Ministry of Education in 2011 have been incorporated as resources for Social Studies teachers to use in class.

When we created the stories in 2011, I had no idea that in 2014 we would not only have the opportunity to teach young people to create digital stories but that it would be for Social Studies course where our stories are being used.