It has been an amazing 6-months learning journey creating ASPN Tanglin’s School’s Digital Storytelling Montage in celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday. Every story is made up of complex layers of voice, music, pictures, titles, subtitles and transitions. Multiply that by 50… almost 4,000 pieces of media stringed together into an hour-long montage. Here’s the trailer…

The digital story montage launched on 6 August 2015 gives voice to special needs children, alumni, parents, teachers, and volunteers. Their trials and triumphs, groans and glory.

Some of them started life with many deficits. But they have risen to the occasion with their determination through the support of their loving communities and dedicated teachers. There are stories of how they have learned simple tasks that we take for granted. 

Two young people featured are now instructor aides in the special school. One is the school’s gardener. They are full functioning, contributing members of society. Not just people waiting for handouts.

A few have even represented Singapore in the ASEAN and Special Olympics World Games. One parent said life would definitely be easier without her special needs child but if given a choice, she would still choose her special needs girl.

I will be sharing two stories every week.

Credit and Thanks
Teachers and Students of APSN Tanglin School
Music by Kevin MacLeod