On 18 September I will be starting my 22-day long trip to the USA. I am honoured to be awarded a grant from the National Arts Council of Singapore to present a paper at International Digital Storytelling Conference 2015 held at Smith College, Massachusetts. The last conference I participated in was held in Wales in 2011 where I was the keynote speaker.

DS in Singapore is still a work in progress. I have interacted with digital storytelling practitioners and academics who are interested in DS in Singapore. A few asked what it takes to start DS in their country. The topic that I proposed for DST2015 early this year, Pioneering a Digital Storytelling Movement, was really a response to their questions.

However, when I received the acceptance email from the conference committee, I pinched myself for proposing such an audacious topic. I can’t say DS is a movement (yet). But I remember how far we have come and the many ground breaking firsts that has inspired those I had interacted with.

Visionaries are people who see things long before they are a reality. They are catalysts who put their money where their mouth is to make something they believe in happen. It was in 2007 when I stumbled on DS. Almost eight years on and I am still plodding. We have had many setbacks but I am proud of what we have achieved. The things that I spoke about in Wales still rings strong in my heart. I look forward to interacting and learning with the international community of digital storytelling academics and practitioners.

My trip will take me to Chicago, Boston and Colorado Springs to see family and friends. At every stop I will be meeting people who want to know more about DS. In Colorado, I will facilitate Storytelling for Leaders, Culture Shapers and Change Makers – Storytelling in a digital age workshop.