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Angeline Koh is the Founder and Principal Storytelling Coach at Tyros Global. Since 2010, Angeline has been providing Storytelling, Design and Communications Coaching and Services for Individuals and Non-Geek Marketplace Professionals, SMEs and in-house Communicators of Large Corporation in this social media digital age. She loves seeing her participants eyes come alive when they showcase their own self-created digital stories for the first time. She would like to come alongside to help you tell your story too. Your stories matters because YOU matter!

Storytelling and Values Education

By | 2018-03-30T21:46:19+00:00 12th February, 2014|People, Education|

In conversation with Brenda Yeow, veteran educator Everyone can learn: There are no boundaries in learning. Only FEAR of failure will keep one away from learning. – Brenda Yeow Retired Educator / Principal Brenda Yeow has been nurturing children and [...]

Research to validate digital storytelling as a tool for the workplace

By | 2016-01-07T13:45:05+00:00 23rd October, 2013|Workshop, Storytelling Tips, Beyond Singapore, Discover, Education|

Tyros ran a Storytelling for a Digital Age workshop at the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) in June this year. The workshop aimed at equipping Adult Educators, Training Management, and HR Specialists for the digital age through using digital storytelling. [...]

Linking youth and seniors through digital storytelling

By | 2018-03-30T21:46:20+00:00 31st July, 2013|Milestone, Workshop, Discover, Community, Education, Youth, Digital Immigrants|

Tyros partnered with the Council for Third Age and Tampines Junior College in June 2013 to pilot the Making Memories through digital storytelling workshop. Here's a short report on the InterGenerational Learning Programme which also featured digital storytelling. Kudos to [...]

Create, Act, Change – a word from Joe

By | 2018-03-30T21:46:22+00:00 10th May, 2013|Events, Beyond Singapore, Editor's Choice|

From FaceBook Digital Storytelling Working Group, 10 May 2013 The 5th International Conference on Digital Storytelling has come to an end. Many highlights, including the deeply moving presentation by Patient Voices' Founding Director Pip Hardy on compassion. We were reminded [...]

Scaling up digital storytelling

By | 2014-05-25T22:52:51+00:00 30th April, 2013|Milestone, Learning Journey, Beyond Singapore|

Digital Storytelling came to me as a 24-hour, 3-day, facilitator-intensive gift. It was a gift that I absolutely love. But it was also a gift that few could bite into. In April 2013, I reconstructed the workshop format. 85 participants [...]

What was the result of creating your story?

By | 2018-03-30T21:46:24+00:00 4th April, 2013|Beyond Singapore, People, Education, Digital Immigrants|

Erna Priyono, a teacher and participants at the Powerful Storytelling workshop in Bandung tells what happened after creating her digital story. Erna: The day I attended the Powerful Storytelling workshop was also the day my seven-year-old son Kenzi was taken off his grueling [...]