Ordinary and extraordinary voices

A digital story montage for SG50

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It has been an amazing 6-months learning journey creating ASPN Tanglin's School's Digital Storytelling Montage in celebration of Singapore's 50th birthday. Every story is made up of complex layers of voice, music, pictures, titles, subtitles and transitions. Multiply that by 50... [...]

Storytelling and Values Education

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In conversation with Brenda Yeow, veteran educator Everyone can learn: There are no boundaries in learning. Only FEAR of failure will keep one away from learning. – Brenda Yeow Retired Educator / Principal Brenda Yeow has been nurturing children and [...]

What was the result of creating your story?

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Erna Priyono, a teacher and participants at the Powerful Storytelling workshop in Bandung tells what happened after creating her digital story. Erna: The day I attended the Powerful Storytelling workshop was also the day my seven-year-old son Kenzi was taken off his grueling [...]

Presentation at the Via Affirmativa – a community of artists

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I had the opportunity to introduce digital storytelling to 90 artists and media specialists from all over the USA, and some from Canada, India, and Kazakhstan at the Via Affirmativa gathering held at Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs. Almost a year [...]

An epidemiologist… an epi… what?

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Digital stories are creative ways to empower professionals to explain the important and sometimes not easy to explain work they do. What do you do? How does your work add value to the lives of people? What is your story? Dr. Vikki delos [...]