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Coaching Information

I want to take you as far as you want to go within the time that you book me.
  • I am a Digital Immigrant who's thriving in a Digital Native World.
  • I've been meddling with digital since early 2000. I don't have all the answers. But there's a lot I can show you
This is NOT an auto-pilot video course that you watch. I will be there in person to coach you.

Check out my skill sets below to see if there's anything I can help you with.


I-need-to-brand-myself! Suite

Each of these items are standalones. Together, they help you build a digital profile to brand yourself. Pick the ones you want to work on.

  1. My Memorable Brand Tagline
  2. My Logo, eNameCard, QR Code
  3. Masthead for My LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  4. The Brand Called ME Digital Story (video)
  5. Establising My Online / Social Media Presence – where will my audience follow me?
  6. Discover Who My Audience Is (my ideal customer... who desperately needs me?

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StoryTELLING Craft

I was the Communications Director for The Navigators, an international Christian Mission Organisation for 12 years. I produced our newsletters, website and all things PR. I was commissioned to write and publish a 216-page biography of an Anthropologist/Missionary.

I can give you a snapshot of what it takes to achieve any of these that I have done:

  1. Script Writing for the Digital Storytelling
  2. From Memory to Memoir – Passing on You Legacy because YOUR Story Matters. Write and Publish your Biography or eBook
  3. Start your Free Wordpress Blog (I co-created THIS Wordpress website!)

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Designer Secrets They Never Told You

I was Graphic Designer for the Holiday Inn Singapore for 5 years. I can give you an Introduction to Visual Storytelling Tools (free and paid) so you can:

  1. Beyond the Basics
  2. Give your PowerPoint a Makeover so they become truly POWER PowerPoint
  3. Create Stunning Infographics with a Free Canva Account
  4. Teach you how to Make Your Pictures Tell Stories
  5. Show you where to find cool FREE images and other resources

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Participant Song Hsi Ching is a Senior Researcher and Facilitator at a Training Institution in Singapore

What Your 60-minute Learning Journey Looks Like

Before our session together, you will complete a questionnaire to nail down what you would like to learn. You will:

    1. Learn the 3 top things you must know about the subject you picked 🎯
    2. Understand the Who, What and Why 👍
    3. Discover Where to find Resources (Free and Paid) 🎁
    4. I aim to SHOW not just tell 🏋🏽‍♀️
    5. I am to have you try so you learn the How ⛑
    6. You can stop any time for Q&A 🔍
    7. Finally, we discuss your next Learning Step 🎓
    8. I hope I have a happy customer at the end of the Session ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Audio, Video, Media Production

I've been coaching in Digital Storytelling since 2008. I can help you learn:

  1. Voiceover Recording
  2. Video Editing
  3. Animated Explainer Video

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The Home-Office Entrepreneur Survival Kit

I am the sole proprietor of Tyros Global since 2010. Coming from a non-profit, I have had to learn the ropes of what it means to run my own business. I'm still learning how to turn my "red" to "black" (ie. make money!) I made a lot of mistakes so YOU don't have to make them!

If you are a one-person operation, I can show you:

  1. Online digital tools to organise and simplify my work
  2. Free stuff for Entrepreneurs (eg. Accounting Software)
  3. How I calculate my Freelancer's Fees and Charges
  4. I work alone. How do I outsource?
  5. Where to find designers – freelancers who can help me at affordable prices?
  6. I make a great cheer-leader!

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Knowledgeable, sincere, responsive and skilful. Angeline has this knack of bringing up the best in us.

OKP, Curriculum Developer, MOE

My well-meaning friends often remind me that I help too much, often at great cost to myself.
You do understand don't you that I do NOT know everything.
BUT, I know what I know. I share what I know.
When you stump me with your questions, I make efforts to look for answers because I am a hungry learner. Hey! I didn't get the Lifelong Learner Award for nothing!
If this resonates with you, check me out and see how I can help you.
You may be a dinosaur BUT...

  • You are a lifelong learner ready for an adventure
  • You have a computer
  • You have access to Wifi
Terms and Conditions – YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU READ THIS
What will the "new normal" will look like?

COVID19 has certainly disrupted our lives. I've been at home reinventing myself. This course is one of the outcomes. A personal coaching session to address YOUR need.

I don't know how practical it is to keep giving PERSONAL coaching or how long I will be charging at this special rate. Eventually I will scale up. For now, I am offering to take you as far as you can go within the time that you book me.

I'm suggesting that you gather at least 2 other friends to learn with you. We may be "physically distant" but we are "socially connected". For now, 1 Pays and 2 can come for FREE. Please read the Terms & Conditions..

Like me, many of you have also lost your income. If you are in such a position, please contact me. I've got your back. Let's see how we can work out the $ part.

If you are troubled by the current situation, I'll be very happy to listen and pray with you. Just send me a message. We can meet on Zoom.