Digital Storytelling for Reluctant Entrepreneurs

Has COVID19 disrupted your career path?

We now live in a world of "forced” or "reluctant" entrepreneurs with 195 million people losing their jobs globally. For some of us, that's great news because COVID19 is giving us the kick we need to do what we've always wanted to do. For others that's bad news because we haven't thought about what else we might want to be doing.

Regardless of where you are in this spectrum of entrepreneurs, COVID19 is making us reexamine our lives – as an organisation and even more so, as individuals.” This course isn’t just about telling your story, but rediscovering who you are and creating your new story.

Digital Storytelling for Reluctant Entrepreneurs is part ONE of a TWO part Suite. I created it with the Entrepreneur in mind but it applies to anyone who needs to introduce him/herself through a story.

Course ONE will focus on the TELLING of your story (Script Writing and Story Boarding). Course TWO, Video Production for Non-Techies, will cover the technical aspects of DIGITAL Storytelling.

This Suite in a face-to-face setting is valued at S$990.

Story Coach Angeline Koh was honoured to introduce Digital Storytelling at FinTech Festival 2018, the world's largest platform for the global FinTech community. This was her trailer for the presentation.

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What this Course is about

Digital Storytelling (you could call it the “Baby Brother of Filmmaking”) is storytelling meant for this digital age.

In course 1, we focus on the "STORYTELLING" part of digital storytelling. You will:

  • Reflect on why leaders MUST tell stories
  • Discover your stories
  • Learn my 6-step GPS to craft your 200-250 word script
  • Understand how to turn a script into a multimedia (storyboard)

You will learn ingredients to script a great story for the digital storytelling genre. We take a peek under the hood to understand how to turn your written script into a DIGITAL story.

Session Overview

  1. First Things First
  2. The Heart of Who You Are
  3. Once Upon a Time
  4. Power in Your Hands
  5. We Are The Stories We Tell Ourselves
  6. What is Digital Storytelling?
  7. When Story Becomes Digital
  8. Case Studies – From Script to Storyboard
  9. Kickstart Your Story (Story Ideas)
  10. Structuring Your Story (Tried and tested)
  11. Storyboard
  12. Case Study – From Script to Storyboard
  13. Complete your DIGITAL Story
  14. Like Potato Chips
Who Is This Designed For?
Who should join this online training?

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, C-Suite Executives
  • Communicators and Social Media Specialists who want to up their game in Storytelling
  • Non-Techie Marketplace Professionals who need to communicate in this digital age
  • Anyone who needs to communicate in this FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp world
What Will You Take Away?
It's easy if someone shows you how

Without a well crafted script, you cannot tell a great (digital) story. In course 1, we focus on STORY. You will:

  1. Experience the power of story through teaching and case studies
  2. Discover your stories
  3. Learn my 6-step GPS to craft your 200-250 word script
  4. Write your 200-250 word script of a story of your choice
  5. Understand how to turn a script into a multimedia (storyboard)
  6. Have a script ready to be used as your voiceover when you create your video in Video Production for Non-Techies
Created by Digital Storytelling Pioneer: Angeline Koh

Created by
Angeline Koh
Principal Story Coach and Founder
Tyros Global
Accredited Mobile Micro-Learning Instructional Designer, Gnowbe
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YuYAN Huang is a Design Researcher for Social Innovation

I shared what we learnt with our colleagues today. Your course is very different from others that I attended – it’s easy to understand yet has so much substance, allowing us to think deeper about how to apply it at work, without having to use complicated tools.

Serene Mai, Brand Marketing Manager, Parkway Pantai Limited