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My Buddy, Comfort Zone


This is what Olivia had to say about learning to tell her story: ===== Dear Angeline, Thank you for taking time to edit our stories and perfecting mine! Before the workshop, I didn't expect I'll be able to create a video like the one I did (I could never imagine). I went back and shared my video on my fb with my friends and received nice encouraging words! :) Overwhelming response I would say (I'm not one who often gets a lot of likes!). It was quite an eye-opener for me to see how the story itself is such an important element. I always thought the visual stuff (the video itself) was more important. I'm taking the opportunity to do a short sharing with my colleagues tomorrow on digital storytelling and hope it inspires them to do one on their own! =====

The Storyteller’s Story by Angeline Koh


What is the first thing people associate your name with? Marketing is what you do, but a branding is who you are. Who you are determines what you do and how you do it. You may be a financial planner, sales agent, service provider... But what makes you the preferred choice? It's not about the size of your corporation. It's about the size of your promise. Your brand is your promise. The Storyteller's Story celebrates four years of storytelling. The Storyteller's Story is my personal story. My brand is my promise... To empower people to tell their stories. What is your personal story? What is your personal brand? What is your promise? Created August 2014

Participant’s Experience – Melanie Duke


Business Owner Colorado Springs Colorado, USA Transcript My name is Melanie Duke and I'm a business owner here in Colorado Spring, Colorado. I just finished the digital storytelling workshop. I was doing it from a business perspective. Thinking in terms of how digital storytelling can help me communicate my passion for the business that I'm in and the goals that I have. I feel that it was a real valuable tool in communicating both to stakeholders, investors, customers what a business is all about and what you're trying to accomplish. It helps to create community. It helps to communicate beyond just the facts and figures. And most of the stories, the videos that are done are personal and people really like to know what's the real story behind this. I think in today's age, there's a desire for people to know that business owners are real people. I think it's valuable. I felt it was helpful and just working through my own story and what it is I want other people to know about me as a business owner.

A Doctor In Mordor by Vikki delos Reyes


...I'm a public health specialist in applied epidemiology, outbreak investigation and disease survilleance health programmes evaluation... a what? Dr. Vikki delos Reyes, a public health specialist explains just what she does. Digital Storytelling Workshop Manila, 16-18 October 2009.

Timeless Retirement by Goh Ai Yat


Goh Ai Yat is a Trainer, Facilitator and Management Consultant. Helping people plan for their retirement is one of the many things she teaches. "The key of retirement is planning for it," she says. Through her own personal story, she shows how she did it.

Part of a Grand Design by Delia Foo


"Growing up, I never quite liked doing the rough and tumble thing. I would choose ballet over badminton, my soft bed over a tent, a swim over a hike in the nature reserve... Twelve years later, I stepped into my first school as a young teacher. My CCA assignment? The Girls' Brigade. Good-bye Drama Club, Hell-O camps, drill and crisp-ironed uniforms. I had my doubts, but duty kicked in. This square peg will need to be shaped to fit the round hole." A digital story by educator Delia Foo. Digital storytelling workshop conducted for the Ministry of Education, Singapore, August 2011.

When I Wept With Ester by Diane Manubay


Diane and her husband Willy work with the urban poor in Antipolo, Philippines. Her story tells of her friendship with a mother who lost her two children when Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) hit Manila in September 2009. Diane's first draft was written like a cold hard report... well, like a journalist. I asked her to tell the story through her eyes... what she saw, how she felt. When she allowed herself to feel, the story just came together. She shared her digital story with her friends including those in developed countries. They quickly sent financial help so the family could rebuild their home and lives. Diane did not share the story to ask for support. She just wanted to share what she was doing with her friends. Another unexpected outcome of  creating and sharing her digital story was when people began inviting her to share about her work among the poor. Diane doesn't feel comfortable with computers but she went on to create her second story. We are honoured to work with many, like Diane, who have zero or very little movie making skills to produce something that so authentic, moving and useful. 16-18 October 2009 Manila, Philippines.