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No matter how far I stray, my heart always returns home

ASK by Shay Myar (subtitled)


Being hearing impaired has not stopped Shay Myar from creating and sharing her digital story. The talented young lady is helping to translate the Bible in sign language for others like herself who cannot hear. Translated by Naw Phaw Eh Wah A workshop facilitated by Angeline Koh Yangon. 25-26 Nov 2014

Daddy’s Song by Angeline Koh


Music had always been a big part of daddy's life. When he suffered a stroke and later dementia, he became like a little child. He needed help even in the most basic things. But when it came to music, hum him the first few notes of a melody and he would be off singing the rest of the song for you... Music was something daddy gave to me... A father and daughter story by Angeline Koh. Singapore.

Christmas Arrival by Carl Rognstad


A father waits expectantly for the arrival of his little girl. "Hello, little girl! Is it crowded inside there? Can you hear me? I can see you...your jabs, and kicks, and stretching...I can't wait to see you smile and hear you laugh. I even can't wait to hear you cry. But I'm looking forward to most though is holding you..." A digital story by Carl Rognstad produced in DSA's digital storytelling workshop, 6-8 December 2010, Singapore.

When I was a… by Jennifer Yong


The lighter side of how sons and daughters are viewed in traditional Chinese families. This is me, Jennifer, when I was about three or four years old. There must be a mistake. Jennifer is a girl's name, but this is a boy! There was no mistake. This is me. Dressed like a boy. My parents were very traditional Chinese...My mother used to say, "You were meant to be a boy. It was the neighbour's fault!"

A Boy from the Yellow Pages by Ashley MacKrill


When Ashley's parents discovered that they could not have children, they decided to adopt a child. They didn't know where to find one so they searched the Yellow Pages. Ashley struggled most of his life with learning disabilities. His parents worked hard to help him overcome his challenges. He is now happily married and works as an IT specialist at an Education Institution. Through the creation of his digital story, Ashley found a way to thank his parents for loving him. Created at a Tyros workshop, April 2015 Vietnam

Last Dinner by Law Kim Chuan


"I once heard a story of how in the olden days when a person dies suddenly, families and friends would gather together to eat and drink hoping for the deceased to wake up. That was how funerals came about... My dad passed away suddenly..." A digital story by Law Kim Chuan. Produced in DSA's digital storytelling workshop, 1-3 July 2010, Singapore.