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My Buddy, Comfort Zone


This is what Olivia had to say about learning to tell her story: ===== Dear Angeline, Thank you for taking time to edit our stories and perfecting mine! Before the workshop, I didn't expect I'll be able to create a video like the one I did (I could never imagine). I went back and shared my video on my fb with my friends and received nice encouraging words! :) Overwhelming response I would say (I'm not one who often gets a lot of likes!). It was quite an eye-opener for me to see how the story itself is such an important element. I always thought the visual stuff (the video itself) was more important. I'm taking the opportunity to do a short sharing with my colleagues tomorrow on digital storytelling and hope it inspires them to do one on their own! =====

The Storyteller’s Story by Angeline Koh


What is the first thing people associate your name with? Marketing is what you do, but a branding is who you are. Who you are determines what you do and how you do it. You may be a financial planner, sales agent, service provider... But what makes you the preferred choice? It's not about the size of your corporation. It's about the size of your promise. Your brand is your promise. The Storyteller's Story celebrates four years of storytelling. The Storyteller's Story is my personal story. My brand is my promise... To empower people to tell their stories. What is your personal story? What is your personal brand? What is your promise? Created August 2014

Endorsement – Donald McGilChrist


International Consultant/Historian International Vice President, The Navigators (1976–2005) The Navigators, USA Transcript I had the opportunity last week to renew my friendship with Angeline Koh whom I've known for many years and admire her work. And the occasion was a digital storytelling workshop here at Glen Eyrie. Digital storytelling sounds a little even menacing but it's very simple. It's the telling of stories in a way that is appropriate for the digital age. And I learned that I didn't know about how valuable this technique is. And it makes sense to me because the Scriptures are full of stories. And God communicates with human beings by the telling of stories. And we want to pass on stories of creation, redemption, the work of the Kingdom of God and so what Angeline is doing, what she's training other to do I think is an excellent addition to the range of resources that we have in getting the gospel out and illustrating and telling of the work of the Navigators. So I'm an enthusiast and I think she has a tiger by the tail.

Participant’s Experience – Melanie Duke


Business Owner Colorado Springs Colorado, USA Transcript My name is Melanie Duke and I'm a business owner here in Colorado Spring, Colorado. I just finished the digital storytelling workshop. I was doing it from a business perspective. Thinking in terms of how digital storytelling can help me communicate my passion for the business that I'm in and the goals that I have. I feel that it was a real valuable tool in communicating both to stakeholders, investors, customers what a business is all about and what you're trying to accomplish. It helps to create community. It helps to communicate beyond just the facts and figures. And most of the stories, the videos that are done are personal and people really like to know what's the real story behind this. I think in today's age, there's a desire for people to know that business owners are real people. I think it's valuable. I felt it was helpful and just working through my own story and what it is I want other people to know about me as a business owner.

Daddy’s Song by Angeline Koh


Music had always been a big part of daddy's life. When he suffered a stroke and later dementia, he became like a little child. He needed help even in the most basic things. But when it came to music, hum him the first few notes of a melody and he would be off singing the rest of the song for you... Music was something daddy gave to me... A father and daughter story by Angeline Koh. Singapore.

Christmas Arrival by Carl Rognstad


A father waits expectantly for the arrival of his little girl. "Hello, little girl! Is it crowded inside there? Can you hear me? I can see you...your jabs, and kicks, and stretching...I can't wait to see you smile and hear you laugh. I even can't wait to hear you cry. But I'm looking forward to most though is holding you..." A digital story by Carl Rognstad produced in DSA's digital storytelling workshop, 6-8 December 2010, Singapore.

Crossroads by Ralph K Cabatana


"What do you wanna be when you grow up?" I was always asked as a kid. I wanted to be a lawyer, like my father. When kids were out in the playground, I was with Dad in the courthouse. When the other kids were busy with their toys, I was already planning on following my father's footsteps." A digital story produced by nursing undergrad Ralph Kho Cabatana Digital storytelling workshop Singapore, 28-30 Sept 2011.