Endorsement – Donald McGilChrist

Endorsement – Donald McGilChrist 2017-12-26T10:30:29+00:00

Project Description

International Consultant/Historian
International Vice President, The Navigators (1976–2005)
The Navigators, USA


I had the opportunity last week to renew my friendship with Angeline Koh whom I’ve known for many years and admire her work. And the occasion was a digital storytelling workshop here at Glen Eyrie.

Digital storytelling sounds a little even menacing but it’s very simple. It’s the telling of stories in a way that is appropriate for the digital age. And I learned that I didn’t know about how valuable this technique is.

And it makes sense to me because the Scriptures are full of stories. And God communicates with human beings by the telling of stories. And we want to pass on stories of creation, redemption, the work of the Kingdom of God and so what Angeline is doing, what she’s training other to do I think is an excellent addition to the range of resources that we have in getting the gospel out and illustrating and telling of the work of the Navigators.

So I’m an enthusiast and I think she has a tiger by the tail.