Interview with Barrie Stephenson

//Interview with Barrie Stephenson
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Project Description

“I saw my first digital story in 2001. For someone who has been in broadcasting and journalism for many years, I looked at the story and I thought, this is amazing, this is so different from anything that we do as journalists and broadcasters.

Because people were telling their own stories with their own voice and with their own pictures, and there was some real authenticity about it. You just felt that it was honest…”

Digital Storytelling Asia interviews Barrie Stephenson, Director of Digitstories UK and former Executive Producer of the BBC Telling Lives Digital Storytelling project running workshops throughout England between 2002 and 2005.

Telling Lives was based on the Capture Wales project based at the BBC in Cardiff. The team in England was fully trained and mentored by the Welsh team in the winter of 2002/3.

When the Telling Lives project ended Barrie began digistories to continue to pass on the skills of digital storytelling to a wide range of communities.

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