My Buddy, Comfort Zone

My Buddy, Comfort Zone 2018-03-30T21:47:08+00:00

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This is what Olivia had to say about learning to tell her story:


Dear Angeline,

Thank you for taking time to edit our stories and perfecting mine!

Before the workshop, I didn’t expect I’ll be able to create a video like the one I did (I could never imagine). I went back and shared my video on my fb with my friends and received nice encouraging words! πŸ™‚ Overwhelming response I would say (I’m not one who often gets a lot of likes!).

It was quite an eye-opener for me to see how the story itself is such an important element. I always thought the visual stuff (the video itself) was more important. I’m taking the opportunity to do a short sharing with my colleagues tomorrow on digital storytelling and hope it inspires them to do one on their own!


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