Participant’s Experience – Melanie Duke

Participant’s Experience – Melanie Duke 2018-03-30T21:47:10+00:00

Project Description

Business Owner
Colorado Springs
Colorado, USA


My name is Melanie Duke and I’m a business owner here in Colorado Spring, Colorado. I just finished the digital storytelling workshop. I was doing it from a business perspective. Thinking in terms of how digital storytelling can help me communicate my passion for the business that I’m in and the goals that I have.

I feel that it was a real valuable tool in communicating both to stakeholders, investors, customers what a business is all about and what you’re trying to accomplish.

It helps to create community. It helps to communicate beyond just the facts and figures. And most of the stories, the videos that are done are personal and people really like to know what’s the real story behind this.

I think in today’s age, there’s a desire for people to know that business owners are real people. I think it’s valuable. I felt it was helpful and just working through my own story and what it is I want other people to know about me as a business owner.