Video Production for Non-Techies

Are You Outsourcing Your Storytelling to Someone Else?

In this era of social media, we have done ourselves a terrible disfavour by outsourcing our storytelling to “the experts.” The easy accessibility of digital devices and applications makes it possible for anyone to tell a digital story (video). Even if you work with media experts, we must take ownership of our own stories and tell them well.

Video Production* for Non-Techies is part TWO of a TWO part Suite. You will learn not only how to edit and produce a video, but you will understand how to orchestrate voice, sound, and images so they tell a story that can move hearts. By the end of the two courses, you will complete and showcase your two-minute digital story.

This Suite in a face-to-face setting is valued at S$990.

* Why WeVideo is my preferred video editing software for Learners and Non-Techies

Your Techie Senior Angeline Koh Playing around with green screen.

What is Gnowbe Micro-Learning
Micro-Learning Courses (MLC)

...are self-paced digital courses delivered in bite-sized sessions for you to acquire industry-related and essential life skills anytime, anywhere on any device!

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Who is this course designed for?
  • Anyone who needs to tell stories for this FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp world
  • People-Helping Professionals, Social Workers, Educators
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners
  • Communicators and Social Media Specialists who want to up their game in Storytelling
  • Non-Techie Professionals who need to understand and communicate in this digital age
What is this Micro-Learning Course is about?

Course 1, Digital Storytelling Made Easy, will focus on the "storytelling" part of digital STORYTELLING. You will learn to write a great script for the digital storytelling genre.

We take a peek under the hood to understand how to turn your written script into a DIGITAL story. You will complete writing your 200-250 word script by the end of course 1.

Course 2, Video Production for Non-Techies, is not just a course that teaches you tech. I want to help you see “digital” in ways you may have never seen before. By the end of course 2, you will know the how-to’s to create your 2-minute digital story (video).

In this course, we will be using WeVideo to learn to create your digital stories. It comes in both free and paid versions. Find out why WeVideo is my preferred video editing software for learners and non-techies here.

NOTE: There are many free and paid video editing software in the market. The user interface for each is different but they all do the same thing – help you create your video. I will include links to other software that you can explore on you own.

What will you take away?

You have a GREAT story. But the way a story is turned into a DIGITAL story can make your story distracting noise or invigorating music.

How do you create like a pro? How do you make your digital stories works of art? Avoid all the typical mistakes that beginner video producers make.

  1. Overcome your fear of tech
  2. See videos like you have not seen before
  3. Understand how to translate your script into a storyboard
  4. Know how to not let technology and media get in the way of your storytelling
  5. Learn basic technical skills and resources to propel you from dazed to amazed
  6. Showcase your completed digital story, of course!
Session Overview

  1. Daring Dinosaurs
  2. Your Mission
  3. Gnowbe App Tip
  4. Is Anyone Listening? Communicating Meaning in this Digital Age
  5. Recommended Video Editing Software – Explore a Typical Video Editing Software User Interface
  6. Your Most Powerful Video Editing Tool
  7. Quick Reference Video Production GPS
  8. Case Study 1 – The Basics
  9. When Story Becomes Digital
  10. A Note vs a Chord
  11. Turn Script into Storyboard
  12. Case Study 2 – Communicating Nuances
  13. Edit Your Video 1/2
  14. Your Voice is Your Fingerprint – Record your Voiceover (tools and recording basics)
  15. Audio – What You Hear
  16. Case Study 3 – Visual Storytelling
  17. Make Your Pictures Tell Stories
  18. Edit Your Video – The Bells and Whistles
  19. Behind-the-Scenes of an Edit
  20. Story Coach's Treasure Trove of Tips and Media Resources
  21. Publish, Showcase, and Share Your Story, of course!
  22. Meaningful Media – Keep Telling Stories!
Created by Digital Storytelling Pioneer: Angeline Koh

Created by
Angeline Koh
Principal Story Coach and Founder
Tyros Global
Accredited Mobile Micro-Learning Instructional Designer, Gnowbe
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Digital Learning 4.0: A simpler, friendlier approach for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Thank you for hand-holding me and teaching me to overcome my fears. Very supportive facilitators who made the learning process a delightful journey of discovery.

Sulosana Karthigasu, Senior Consultant, MICA