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  We customise workshops and coaching for schools, organisations and corporations  

It’s easy if someone shows you how

Are you…

  • An undiscovered Niche Specialist with something of value to offer?
  • An enterprising Career-Shifter trail blazing an untrodden path?
  • An adventurous Job-Seeker who needs to capture the attention of your future employer?

Begin that vital conversation with your prospective business partner or employer. Discover and create your Brand Story to capture attention and get your one foot in the door.

Storytelling is Story Selling
The better you understand your client or stakeholder’s story, the better you will be able to craft the right story that will connect you with them. Storytelling begins with StoryLISTENING
  • Brand Storytelling – Create Awareness. Win Advocates through Storytelling in a Digital Age
  • Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch through Storytelling in a Digital Age
  • Team Building through Storytelling

We work with International and Regional Associates to Customise Training Resources to Improve Your Company’s Performance

  • Psychometric Profiling applicable within all aspects of life: Leadership, Career development, Learning, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Management, Team & Partnerships, Individual Development Plans
  • Communications
  • Management and Leadership
  • Business Development, Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resource and Professional Development
From Communicating Information to Communicating Meaning
  • Storytelling for Educators in a Digital Age – for CET Professionals (Adult Educators, HR development and Training Management, Workforce Development)
  • Introduction to Visual Storytelling Tools
  • Advance PowerPoint (Design and Present PowerPoint Presentations like a Pro)

I have had fun and time to reflect during the workshop. It’s fulfilling for me… I firmly believe in the value and potential of using digital stories to transmit impactful messages and learning. — MOE Curriculum Developer

Helping Digital Natives Transform From Content Consumers to Content Creators
  • A Journey in Self-Discovery through Digital Storytelling
  • Inter-Generational Learning Programme – a joint initiative for schools in partnership with the Council for Third Age
  • Servant Leadership through Storytelling – for schools
  • Community Involvement Programmes (CIP) Stories – Your youth will get even more out of their CIP by coupling their experiences with reflection through storytelling. The digital stories will showcase your school’s community outreach programmes
  • Digital Resumes for Graduating Students
  • I Remember My School Days Stories – Great for collecting stories for school special events, anniversaries, website, school DVD
  NEW   Digital Storytelling is a well documented, data-researched practice already being used in some Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions in the UK and the USA for over ten years. Digital Storytelling is an untapped approach that can further enhance “healthcare good enough for your mother.”
  • A Journey in Empathy
    – Healthcare professionals and healthcare professionals-in-training
    – Healthcare support – administrators, researchers
  • Geriatrics Professionals
  • Patients
  • Caregivers
Create Awareness. Win Advocates through Storytelling
  • The D-Storytelling Initiative – a project to help social enterprises collect stories that create awareness and win advocates through storytelling
  • Check out APSN Tanglin School’s SG50 Montage of 50 stories HERE

Equipping You to Tell Your Stories More Effectively
  • Script Writing for the Digital Storytelling Genre
  • Digital Photography – Digital cameras have made us become a generation of trigger-happy photographers. But do your photos tell stories? The art of using pictures to tell stories
  • SOFTWARE: MovieMaker, iMove, Audacity, PowerPoint/Keynote
Passing on Your Legacy because YOUR Story Matters
  • Digital Storytelling – Guided Digital Biography – reminiscence and storytelling
  • Photo Storytelling
  • Online – Starting a Blog
  • In Print – Write, Edit, Publish (Services for getting your books on Amazon, Kindle and Print-on-Demand)
Is your team a melting pot of individuals from diverse backgrounds? Do you work with clients from a different culture?
  • Talk to us to find out how we can help you create Conversations and Storytelling that oil human relationships to improve company performance across diverse cultures