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Storytelling: heartware and hardware

Smartphone Filmmaking: Going beyond Point and Shoot

This entry-level Smartphone Filmmaking course covers the basics of shooting video footage using your Smartphone. You will use both still shots and video footage to create your story. Video editing will be done using WeVideo, an online video editing software (or you may opt to use your prefered software). By the end of the workshop, you will showcase the first cut of a video story project of your choice. 

Your Workshop Project

At the workshop, you will write a script, shoot footage applying principles of visual grammar to tell a story.

In the process of creating your masterpieces, enter the world of stories where the storytellers and listeners are allowed to enter the mind, heart and emotions of human experience. Be it a personal story or a business story, we are all people who want to relate with people. Laugh. Cry. Live.

Creating your story will also bring clarity on Story, Plot and Narrative. You will also understand the process of putting a video together. Very useful knowledge when you are in Corporate Comms and need to work with the videographer/media producer you have outsourced your video project to.

Here’s a sample video created for Brand4Humanity Pte Ltd. It was used for the launch of the SG4Diversity Symposium 2018. The interviews, farm and kitchen footage was shot on a Smartphone OPPO R11 with supporting still photos provided by the SG4Diversity community. Editing was done using Final Cut Pro.


In this course, we will focus on how to brand yourself and create an impactful 1 to 2-minute video pitch or story

At the workshop, you will discover:


  • Where’s Your Story?
  • Story, Plot and Narrative
  • 8 types of Stories / Videos you can tell
  • The Art of Telling Stories without Words


  • Preparing and Handling Your Smartphone Camera
  • Technique: sequences, framing, wide, medium, close shots, lighting, angle, point-of-view
  • Organise your footage and photos
  • A list of optional accessories to enhance your video shoot


  • Storyboard frameworks to help you see your story as a multimedia
  • Learn to use WeVideo, an amazingly powerful entry-level cloud video editing tool.
    • Multi-track
    • Hassle-free royalty-free music for your story
    • Motion Titles
    • Control over Audio level

Note: The quality of your footage will depend on the smartphone camera you are using and how well you handle the camera.

Who Should Attend?

  • Subject experts and specialist who want to introduce their work or passion
  • Non-Geeks who need to communicate in this digital age
  • Marketing, Sales and PR Professionals who outsource their video projects
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Communicators @Non-Profit Organisations
  • Digital and Social Media Specialists (Get better at content creation!)
  • Educators, Learning and Development Heads
  • Leaders, Managers, Supervisors
  • HR Specialists, Training Management

Anyone who needs to communication in this FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp world

Essential Information

  1. Level  – Foundational
  2. Prerequisite  – If you already know how to handle PowerPoint, you should be able to handle the WeVideo.
    • To make the most of our time together, you should complete on a pre-workshop assignment that gets you thinking about who you are and what is your story
  3. Date – Fri & Mon, 23 & 26 Nov 2018 (2 days)
  4. Time  – 9 am to 5 pm
  5. Location  – Menon Network [MAP]
    Level 28 Gateway East
    152 Beach Road
    Singapore 189721
  6. Your Investment  – S$895 (It will be fun!)

Your Investment includes a 2-week Complimentary Access to Premium Features in WeVideo, an online video editing tool. This will enable you to enjoy Premium feature not found in the free WeVideo account, including privacy control and higher quality videos. It also means you have time to refine your video after the workshop

Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement on completion of the Course. (The real certificate is your completed video!)


PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOP. Experience has shown that participants learn better using their own laptops. It will allow you to seamlessly continue refining your work after the workshop.

If you are using a company laptop, please be sure to have your IT department unlock any security features that may limit access to the internet or downloading of files. Laptops are also available for rent if you inform us when you register for the workshop.

Of course you should bring your mobile camera for this hands-on workshop.

We will be sending you a pre-workshop welcome with reminders and other information you will need to maximise your learning experience at the workshop.