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June 18, 2018
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June 18, 2018

I’ve Not Looked Back Since


Storyteller: Singapore Academy of Law
Date: 18 Jun 2018
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I’ve not looked back since
Story and Voiceover by Ms Foo Kim Leng
Deputy Director (Corporate Communications)
Singapore Academy of Law

What an inspiring story! “I’ve not looked back since” features the CSR work of Singapore Academy of Law. The story, a pre-publicity for the CJ’s Cup event, seeks to raise funds for the SAL-Yellow Ribbon Star Bursury.

The two interviews features Darren Tan, an inmate turned lawyer and Sunny Swee, who went from gang and drug pushing to helping youth at risk. He was also helped by Beacon of Light. Both were beneficiaries of the Yellow Ribbon Star Bursury.

Kim Leng was a participant of the Telling Your Brand Story, Professional Certificate in Digital Storytelling workshop. She writes:

Following your class, I am working on at least 2 other projects (more in the pipeline; there are so many stories!) and I will be happy to share them with you as well…

I’ve given up on attending courses for a while as they were often boring and there was little takeaway. Yours was an exception. I really learnt something useful and could put it immediately to work. Thank you.

Thank you Kim Leng and the Singapore Academy of Law for sharing your stories. I’m glad you found the class useful. Looking forward for more stories to come. – Angeline Koh

P.S. You can read more about Darren and Sunny in the Straits Times.

Video used with permission from Singapore Academy of Law

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