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June 18, 2018
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Music for a Cause


Storyteller: Geraldine Ong
Date: 19 Jun 2018
Categories: Advocacy Corporate Educators/Youth


Music for a Cause by Geraldine Ong

Lecturer & Programs Facilitator
Singapore Institute of Retail Studies
Nanyang Polytechnic


Even though called a “digital STORYTELLING workshop, not everyone who comes for the coaching wants to create a story with a clear plot. You know the kind that goes “once upon a time… and they lived ______ ever after.”

Geraldine’s video is one such example. Appropriately titled “Music for a Cause,” Geraldine heighten our awareness and appreciation of music in our lives by artistically combining her narrative with moving images, a voiceover, and good video editing.

What cause fires you up? Bring out the creator in you. Cross the hurdle of “digital.” Create your story today. The power is already in your hands.

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