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Storyteller:Angeline Koh
Date: 30 Jul 2018
Categories: Health/Active Aging Personal/Family


Cynthia by Angeline Koh
Master Story Coach, 6Xs Caregiver

This is one of my early digital stories. The story was first published in The Today Newspaper and later included in “Chicken Soup for the Singapore Soul” – A tribute to my late sister whose life touched many lives.

Cynthia was hit with Lupus at 17 and battled it for the next 20 years till she passed away at the age of 37. No matter how hard life gets, we live and thrive when our hearts are filled with hope.

I teach digital storytelling to marketplace professionals to communicate their personal and business stories.

Digital Storytelling is skill, an under-explored, under-understood, under-used secret arsenal to help us discover and rediscover meaning in our lives.
– Angeline Koh

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