July 30, 2018
My Buddy, Comfort Zone by Oliva Ho
September 12, 2018

再晚也不迟 To My Dad by Chung Cher Chiang


StorytellerChung Cher Chiang
Date:14 Aug 2018
Categories: Health/Active Aging


再晚也不迟 To My Dad by Chung Cher Chiang
It isn’t everyday that an elderly parent hears from an adult child what it was like growing up and how much they are appreciated and loved.

Now a father himself, Cher Chiang recounts to his aging father what he remembers of his dad and his longing to make new memories with him.

The story after the story… “He didn’t say much but he was obviously moved. He began to look forward to our visits and engage more with us after watching the story.” – Chung Cher Chiang

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