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September 12, 2018
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Date: 10 Jul 2019
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Endorsement: Sophia Tan
Counsellor / Founder
Morphos-International Pte Ltd

Sophia participated in a Digital Narrative Storytelling workshop facilitated for Morphos International Life Coaches. She wanted to explore and understand the use of digital storytelling for the work she and her team of Life Coaches provide in counseling and training. Here’s what she concluded.


Hi! I’m Sophia. I’m so happy to get to know Angel, a very wonderful and excellent trainer.

Through her training, I have picked up a lot about digital narrative storytelling… the skills, the techniques. At the same time, it helps inspire me that I want to learn about this technique because I think that this technology can help me in coaching people.

It can help inspire and actualise their dream. Helping people to find out who they are and also helping in counseling and coaching families. I think it’s a very wonderful technology that all of us must learn. It’s just like producing microfilm but in a simple yet effective way.

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