The stories and anecdotes that we share with one another are the ways we let each other know who we are, where we came from, where we are going and what we care about.

– Dana Atchley, a.k.a. the father of digital storytelling

Who we are

A social enterprise established in Singapore in 2010, Tyros is an early adopter of digital storytelling (DS) in Asia where little or no sustained DS work has been done.


    Tyros is using digital storytelling to inspire good, help individuals find creative expression through storytelling, gain self confidence and find their voice. We coach communities make heart connections across generations, cultures, race and religion through storytelling.


    In Education, we coach Educators to use digital storytelling for blended learning:

    • Guiding youth to create their digital stories or digital resumes
    • Create stories (videos) for case studies for eLearning
    • Tell oral stories for better student engagement 


    In the Marketplace, we coach Marketplace Professionals, SMEs and in-house Communicators of Large Corporation:

    • Communicate through story and design
    • Straddle both the traditional (analogue, storytelling) and the new (digital)


    As we see Valuable Veteran Professionals with a wealth of life experience maneuver the fast and everchanging digital media landscape:

    • We love geeks and non-geeks and have something to offer each
    • For non-geeks, we take away the intimidation, humanise "digital" and make digital fun
    • Geeks will appreciate the ways we help you see and craft stories (scripts, templates)

    The Logo

    The Word... TYROS in Latin means "a recruit; a beginner in learning anything; a novice" – for that is what we are about: Lifelong Learning

    The Anagram... TYROS rearranged is a play of the word STORY – for that is also what we are about: YOUR stories

    The Acronymn... T-Y-R-O-S is what our Company helps you do... Tell, Your story of, Relationships, Of Meaning, Sharing

    The Tagline... Sharing Meaning... Reminds us that true connection happens when we share the meaning behind information or data. Moving Hearts... Stories are key turners that unlock hearts

    The 8 Hearts... in a circle represents STORY CIRCLE, an important feature in every storytelling workshop. That's when create a safe place for stories to be told

    The 8 hearts moving out of the circle tells us that stories not only entertain, but they must lead to change

    The 8 hearts also represents our 8 ingredients (you could call it our secret sauce) to help storytellers share meaning. These 8 ingredients is a checklist to help us recognise what makes a great (digital) story and how to create one