Digital Storytelling Workshop-Now on Mobile Learning

Our First MLC Digital Storytelling for Entrepreneurs by Tyros Global Founder, Angeline Koh, will launched at FinTech Festival 2018, the world’s largest platform for the global FinTech community.


Expected Release: Late December 2018 or sooner.



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Digital Storytelling for Entrepreneurs


Course Description

Digital Storytelling is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. This first of two courses, this foundational course goes beyond the technicalities of creating video to the heart and art of Storytelling for this digital age.

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This Course in a face-to-face setting is valued at an average of S$800.


What you will learn

This is course ONE of a two-part suite on Digital Storytelling for Entrepreneurs


In this era of social media, we have done a terrible disfavour to ourselves by outsourcing our storytelling to “the experts.” Whether you are an Entrepreneur, a Business Owner, a C-Suite Executive, or a Marketplace Professional striking out in this digital age, we must take ownership of our own stories and tell them well.


Digital Storytelling (you could call it the “Baby Brother of Filmmaking”) is storytelling meant for this digital age. In course ONE, we will focus on the TELLING of your story. You will learn 7 ingredients to script a great story for the digital storytelling genre. We take a peek under the hood to understand how to turn your written script into a DIGITAL story (the technical aspects will be covered in detail in course TWO).


Who is this course designed for?

  1. Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, C-Suite Executives
  2. Communicators and Social Media Specialists who want to up their game in Storytelling
  3. Non-Geek Marketplace Professionals who need to communicate in this digital age
  4. Anyone who needs to communicate in this FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp world


What will you take away?

  1. Experience the power of story
  2. Discover why you must never outsource your storytelling to someone else
  3. Understand 4 consequences of NOT telling your stories
  4. Learn 7 ingredients to script a great story for the digital storytelling genre
  5. Write a 200-250 word script of a story of your choice
  6. Have a script ready to be used as your voiceover when you create your video in course 2


Session Overview?

  1. The Power of a Story
  2. YOUR Story Matters
  3. Selling without Selling
  4. Two Case Studies to Inspire You
  5. Write a 200-250 word script of a story of your choice
  6. Your Moment of Change
  7. SHOW not Tell
  8. Structuring Your Story
  9. When Story Becomes Digital
  10. Like Potato Chips


Curated by
Angeline Koh
Principal Story Coach, Tyros Global