Digital Storytelling is what everyone wants, but they don't yet know that they want it.

– Angeline Koh, Entrepreneur, Story Coach

Who we are

A social enterprise established in Singapore in 2010, Tyros is an early adopter of digital storytelling (DS) in Asia where little or no sustained DS work has been done.


    Tyros is using digital storytelling to inspire good, empower individuals find their voice, gain clarity and self confidence through discovering their story. We coach communities make heart connections across generations, cultures, race, religion and diversity through storytelling.


    In Education, we coach Educators to use digital storytelling:

    • For Blended Learning – in the classroom and eLearning
    • To guide youth to create their digital stories or digital resumes
    • Create stories (videos) for case studies for eLearning
    • Tell oral stories for better student engagement 


    In the Marketplace, we coach Marketplace Professionals, SMEs and Communicators:

    • Find their story. Gain clarity
    • Communicate through story and design
    • Straddle both the traditional (analogue, storytelling) and the new (digital storytelling)


    We recognise that in this global move to digitalise our lives that the world is in desperate need for Veteran Professionals of character, wisdom, knowledge, skill and rich life experiences to help the next generation steer the world to a more compassionate and sustainable future.


    We empower Valuable Veteran Professionals to become lifelong learners who thrive in the fast and everchanging digital landscape:

    • We love geeks and non-geeks and have something to offer each
    • For non-geeks, we make "digital" fun and turn a nemesis into a friend. We humanise "digital"
    • Geeks will raise their game by going deeper into the craft of storytelling