Create Awesome Gnowbe UX Through Storytelling

You Can Go from Tech to Touch

My entire orientation changed when COVID19 happened. I took on a new tagline: I'm flying my plane while building it. I decided I don't need to get everything perfect to take things off the ground. I've been flying a lot and so far, nothing has crashed. I'm just having the time of my life!
Whatever your course is about, whatever your passion might be, I want to walk you through from start to finish the what's, why's, and how's so you can go from tech to touch. If you consider yourself a non-Techie, well, welcome Adventure! This investment will take time and thought of course, but I hope this adventure will feel more like Play-Doh than work.
You don't have to re-invent the wheel. I'll share with you:
  • My behind-the-scene secrets
  • My handy checklist to keep you on track
  • How to storyboard your learner's user experience
  • My planning and writing templates which you can adapt, customise or use as it is

Create Awesome Gnowbe Learner UX Through Storytelling is designed for self-directed learning.

If, however, you think you still need a little hand-holding, check out my add-on 21-day Challenge with small group coaching on Zoom so you finish what you started out to do... SHARE YOUR PASSION WITH THE WORLD!

What is Gnowbe Micro-Learning?
Micro-Learning Courses (MLC)

...are self-paced digital courses delivered in bite-sized sessions for you to acquire industry-related and essential life skills anytime, anywhere on any device!

24/7. Any Time. Any Where. Any Device.
Who Is This Designed For?
Who should access this training?

  • You are a Master in your profession
  • You have amazing knowledge, skills, and experiences which will benefit your world
  • You want to take your offline training online
  • You want to go global especially via mobile phones
  • You know the platform has to be 24/7, any time, any where, any device
  • You know the platform has to be easy to use for both for creator and user
  • You need to get it up quickly
What Will You Take Away?
It's easy if someone shows you how

I assume you are not entirely new to Gnowbe. You're here because you want to create your own programs. You want to do it fast and you want to do it well.

I kid you not. You can very quickly create the first draft of your Gnowbe program. You HAVE the content. Creating it is NOT the problem. How to keep your learners engaged is!

In this course, you will Wield the power of storytelling to create an Adventure for your learners. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. I'll share with you:

  1. My behind-the-scene secrets
  2. My handy checklist to keep you on track
  3. How to storyboard your learner's user experience
  4. Write your 200-250 word script of a story of your choice
  5. My planning and writing templates which you can adapt, customise or use as it is

Also available. Small Group Coaching for those who know they need support and human coaching.

Session Overview

This Gnowbe Course is a Work-In-Progress. Topics to be finalized.

  1. Gnowbe@Play
  2. How Creative Can You Get?
  3. What Will You Do With Power Unleashed?
  4. Power in Your Hands
  5. Take Them on an Adventure
  6. Do It Write – How to Tell Stories
  7. Bloom's Digital Taxomy
  8. Storyboarding Your Course
  9. Project Management – Timeline
  10. Organizing and Keeping Track
  11. Curate Your Gnowbe Course
  12. Creating Media (Images, Infographics)
  13. Cheering Your Learnings On
  14. Content. Community. Conversation
  15. Marketing
  16. Publishing
  17. Resources
  18. Impact the World with Your Passion
Created by Gnowbe Accredited MID: Angeline Koh

Created by
Angeline Koh
Principal Story Coach and Founder
Tyros Global
Accredited Mobile Micro-Learning Instructional Designer, Gnowbe
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Digital Learning 4.0: A simpler, friendlier approach for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Thank you for hand-holding me and teaching me to overcome my fears. Very supportive facilitators who made the learning process a delightful journey of discovery.

Sulosana Karthigasu, Senior Consultant, MICA