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Deliver self-paced, bite-sized, industry-related and essential life skills courses anytime, anywhere on any device!

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Founder Angeline Koh is Gnowbe's Honorary Accredited Mobile Micro-Learning Instructional Designer.


Every Gnowbe user is also a content curator. Look for the "Create a New Program" in the menu and start creating for FREE!

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Mobile Instructional Design Accreditation

A career choice for the digital age. Easily create Mobile-First eLearning Programs. Designed for trainers, educators, instructional designers, or anyone who wants to bring their offline training online.

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Gnowbe Micro-Learning transforms long and boring content into fun bite-sized chunks so simple that even an 8-year-old can understand!

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Digital Learning 4.0: A simpler, friendlier approach for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

* Did you know that the word "knowledge" comes from the Greek word, "Gnosis"? Gnowbe is about knowledge acquired through observation and experience.