Telling HIStory-My Story for this Digital Age

Missionaries go where the people are. And where are they?

COVID19 has completely turned our world upside down. Techies and non-techies alike, we have gone fumbling and stumbling and zooming in the digital spaces.

In the confines of our Work-from-Home world, God is unfolding HIStory. How do we create a common space to begin introducing Jesus to the people we want to reach?

The answer is STORIES. Jesus told stories that kept his audience captivated. He asked questions to jolt his hearers to examine their ways.

I want to help you be right there where we are, right where they are through a process called Digital Storytelling.

Digital Storytelling, sometimes called “the baby brother of filmmaking,” opens up the wonderful world of turning non-techie storytellers into novice filmmakers.

Digital Storytelling is an untapped enabler of disciple-making, meaning-making, self-discovery, inner healing, community building, and testimony sharing.

Rediscover Stories. Tell YOUR Stories.

Endorsement by Mr Donald McGilChrist
International Consultant/Historian
who served as International Vice President
The Navigators from 1976–2005

What is included in this training?

This hands-on workshop is for techies and non-techies.

  1. FIVE sessions X 2-hour small group coaching on Zoom to ensure you complete your digital story
  2. LIFETIME Access to Digital Storytelling Made Easy! Gnowbe Micro-Learning Course – Your 24/7 "text book" (valued at US$149)
  3. TIME-TESTED Script and Storyboard Templates and Resources to help you kickstart your storytelling
  4. COMPLIMENTARY 3-weeks access to WeVideo video editing software (valued at US$9.99)
  5. Ministry opportunities and collaboration
Who is this course designed for?
  • Pastoral Staff Members and Missionaries
  • People-Helping Professionals, Social Workers from Non-for-Profit Organisations
  • Anyone who needs to tell stories for this FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp world
What will you take away?

Be ready for an awesome learning journey. Pick up both Storytelling and Digital Skills you need to create a 2-minute video story

Explore how to wield the Power of Story in your ministry. You will:

  1. Experience the power of story through teaching and case studies
  2. Discover your stories
  3. Learn how to tell "potato chip" stories
  4. Use time-tested story structures to craft your 200-250 word script
  5. Make your writing come alive with 2 writing techniques
  6. Understand how to turn a script into a multimedia (storyboard)
  7. Incorporate 8 ingredients of great DIGITAL stories
  8. See and understand media like you have not seen before
  9. Overcome Your Fear of Tech – Learn basic technical skills and explore resources to propel you from dazed to amazed
  10. Record your Voiceover (tools and recording basics)
  11. Learn How to Make Your Music and Pictures Tell Stories
  12. How not to let technology and media get in the way of your storytelling – Video Editing for Non-Techies

Publish, Showcase, and Share Your Story, of course!

With option to:

  • join a digital storytelling community
  • be trained to become a Story Coach

It's easy if someone shows you how

Created by Digital Storytelling Pioneer: Angeline Koh

Created by
Angeline Koh
Principal Story Coach and Founder
Tyros Global
Accredited Mobile Micro-Learning Instructional Designer, Gnowbe

Endorsement by Ms Sophia Tan
Founder, Morphos-International Pte Ltd
Chief Coach
Masters of Social Science, Counselling

I shared what we learnt with our colleagues today. Your course is very different from others that I attended – it’s easy to understand yet has so much substance, allowing us to think deeper about how to apply it at work, without having to use complicated tools.

Serene Mai, Brand Marketing Manager, Parkway Pantai Limited