Choreographing Closure with Our Aging Parents


Survival Kit 101 for Adult Children of Aging Parents

From one caregiver to another

Choreographing Closure with Our Aging Parents

Course Description

Professional dancers make dancing duets look so effortless and easy. The rhythm, energy and graceful coordination, in reality, takes many years of practice. I'm sure the dancers must have stepped on each other's toes many times to get to where they are.

Choreographing Closure With Our Aging Parents is a dance. It isn't easy to compose the sequence of steps and moves. The challenge is, we are thrown on centre stage, with NO rehearsals. Everything happens LIVE. And, you get only one chance. The rehearsal IS the exam!

I am a 6Xs caregiver. Five of my loved ones have passed on. Death teaches me Life.

I live and have so much fun with my spunky 88-year-old Mum. Every ordinary day counts. For many years, it was not a dance but a disaster. I designed this short course to share what it means to dance this dance with my mother – a dance that we are both choreographing together.


What you will learn

In this brief introductory course, I share core perspectives that have helped anchor me so I am empowered to thrive through my 6Xs caregiver journey.

  1. House of Mourning – my story
  2. Honour Your Father and Mother – when roles are reversed
  3. Habour No Grudges – forgive... you are in control
  4. Hope for the Helpless – self-care... living in the eye of Typhoon Caregiver


Who is this course designed for?

Rosalyn Carter, Founder, Rosalyn Carter Institute of Caregiving and also the wife of former USA president Jimmy Carter, said:

There are only 4 kinds of people in the world.

  1. Those who have been caregivers.
  2. Those who are currently caregivers.
  3. Those who will be caregivers, and
  4. Those who will need a caregiver.

This course is for all 4 kinds.


Created by
Angeline Koh
6Xs Caregiver
Principal Story Coach, Tyros Global
Mobile Instructional Designer


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