Awakening the Sleeping Giants
Project Description

Awakening the Sleeping Giants of the Church


Working on this project included making a visit to the Pepper Farm in Cambodia. This project was shot entirely on a Smartphone. I worked with both Cambodian and Chinese translators. The narration was done by a professional voice artist. The power to create meaningful stories is in our hands. It’s easy if someone shows you how.


You can watch the Chinese version found in this showcase.


Someone once said, Christian Business People and Professionals are the sleeping giants of the Church. They are also an untapped resource of business expertise that can turn a missions project into a long-term, self-sustaining, self-supporting, locally led ministry.


One such project is the Pepper Farm among the Kuy People in Cambodia. The farm is helping to break the poverty cycle, given education to the next generation, and support the church-planting ministry…


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