Story the Bible

Story the Bible

How Not to Bore Your Audience

12 bite-sized sessions that unpack the what’s, how’s, and whys of Bible Storying.
163 minutes of learning.
12 Sessions.
99 actions to apply.

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Dear Friends,

I'm very pleased to invite you to my first micro-learning course. I created this course as a first-fruit offering in celebration of my B.Theology graduation in January 2019. 


Chronological Bible Storying is an entertaining, participative and non-intrusive way to take our friends on an epic adventure of discovering Jesus through stories and questions.

What the course is about


When we introduce someone to Jesus, we are not only introducing them to a new relationship but also new way to live life. Their starting point is often radically different and foreign from the Biblical worldview.


Some people have no concept of the existence of God while others have a distorted understanding of who God is. Some believe that there is only one God while others worship millions of gods. Grace is an alien concept for those who believe in karma, retribution and reincarnation. Their response to the gospel can range from hostile to unaware to nonchalant. How can we take them from hostility to embrace? How do we create a common space to begin introducing Jesus to them?


Movie producers know how to create another world, an alternative reality. Of course as audience, we know it’s reel and not real. Movies hold us ransom for that 90 minutes. Not only do we WILLINGLY allow it, we are irritated when someone interrupts us when we are glued to the screen.


Stories have a way of making us willing to momentarily suspend our beliefs to enter into another reality even if that reality may be totally absurd or nonsensical. Jesus told stories that kept his audience captivated. He asked questions to jolt his hearers to examine their ways.


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Unpack the WHAT'S, HOW'S and WHY'S of Bible Storying


  1. The Story is the Feast
  2. Chronological Bible Storying
  3. Unpacking HIStory
  4. You C.A.N. – Bible Storying Rules
  5. The Keys to an Engaging Delivery
  6. Your Memory Tool Box
  7. An Expert Shows You How
  8. Hook Your Audience
  9. Facilitate a Story Discussion
  10. A Story Feast – Bible Storying Demo
  11. Ministering in a Digital Age 

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Created by
Angeline Koh
B.Th., Principal Story Coach, Tyros Global