The Word... TYROS in Latin means "a recruit; a beginner in learning anything; a novice."

In 2008, Tyros Global founder Angeline Koh was awarded the national Lifelong Learner Award for her pursuit in personal development.

The Anagram... TYROS rearranged spells STORY. How can we help you rediscover YOUR stories?

The Acronym... T-Y-R-O-S is about Telling Your Stories of Relationships, Of Meaning Sharing

The Tagline... Sharing Meaning... Stories can unlock and move hearts when we go beyond sharing information or data to Meaning Making.



The 8 Hearts... in a circle represents STORY CIRCLE, an important feature in every storytelling workshop. That's when we create a safe place for our stories to be told and listened to – without judgement, without prejudice but with empathy

...moving out of the circle reminds us that stories our goal is not only to entertain, but to lead us to change

...represents our 8 ingredients (you could call it our secret sauce) to help storytellers share meaning. This checklist helps us recognise what makes a great (digital) story and how to create one

What else do you see in the "STORY" logo?

See a steaming cup of coffee?
Like friends chatting over a cup of coffee, storytelling cannot be rushed. They should be leisurely enjoyed as a community.
Some people see a question mark
Yes, that's right. Stories open and close questions.
Or perhaps you see an ear?
Storytelling begins with StoryLISTENING. How can we tell the right story for our audience unless we also listen to their story?
Most people see a smile
That's what we hope your time with us will do for you... put a smile on your face and in your heart.



Let's rediscover your stories together.

Angeline Koh, founder, Tyros Global