Reinventing ourselves in the face of COVID19. Life hasn't stopped. What we choose to do during the next weeks and months will impact how our business and ministry grows (or fails) when the dust settles.

While I create my online courses, I'm offering personal personalised coaching sessions on any of these courses or skill sets to address YOUR learning needs from the comfort of your home.
OFFER: PERSONAL COACHING SG$150 per 60-minutes per person. You get to invite your two friends to join in your session for FREE.

I don't know how long I can keep giving PERSONAL coaching or how long I will be charging at this special rate. Eventually I will scale up. For now, I am offering to take you as far as you can go within the time that you book me. Pay 1. Get 2 FREE. Deal?



Customised Personal Coaching

This is not an auto-pilot video course that you watch.
I will be there in person to coach you. SG$150 per 60-minutes
per person. Your two friends
join you for FREE.

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Facilitating Zoom Meetings for Non-Techies

Online Coaching

per 60-minutes per person.
Your TWO friends join for FREE.

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The Brand Called YOU

Blended Learning
Gnowbe Mobile Micro-Learning
Online Coaching
SG$ 350 per person
$500 for a group of 2
$600 for a group of 3

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Telling Your Brand Story for this Digital Age

2-day Workshop @Aventis

SG$ 990. Enjoy 5% discount
with Promo Code "TYROS"

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Stunning Infographics that Communicates

1-day Workshop @CCISG

SG$ 500 (before GST)
SG$ 475 (before GST)
Group Price Available

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Animated Explainer Videos Made Easy

1-day Workshop @CCISG

SG$ 570 (non-member)
SG$ 541.50 (member)
Group Price Available

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No Live Workshop? No Worries

You can still learn to create
Stunning Infographics and Animated Videos

Click button for Personal and
Small Group Coaching